Low Progesterone

Low Progesterone

Progesterone is a very important hormone in the female body, one that is directly related to ovulation and fertility. Progesterone is the hormone that makes it possible for the egg to implant itself and makes it possible for a pregnancy can begin. Without enough progesterone in the body, there is no way a woman can get pregnant. Low progesterone can prevent the egg from implanting at all, while it has also been shown to be a common cause of miscarriage. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Symptoms of low progesterone

There are several symptoms of low progesterone including acne and other skin problems, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, sleep disorders, general mood disorders, and just an overall feeling of discomfort. These are the most common symptoms of low progesterone, although there can be others. Doctors can determine your progesterone levels through a few simple tests. If your levels are determined to be low, don’t freak out. There are several things that you can do, and usually you can bring your progesterone levels up pretty easily. Usually in most cases, low progesterone levels don’t have to be a long term problem.

Natural means to raise levels

Most doctors will ask you to try natural means to bring your progesterone levels up at first. One of the easiest ways to raise your progesterone levels is to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking can really drag your progesterone levels down. Another way is to make sure that you are maintaining a healthy weight. Getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet can go a long way in making sure your progesterone levels are normal. Taking these steps can help you to get your progesterone levels back to normal on their own. There are also some herbal remedies that you can use to improve progesterone levels. Dandelion, black cohosh, ginseng, and red clover can all be helpful in improving levels. Ask your doctor if he or she thinks that herbal remedies would be a good option for you.

Other options

If that doesn’t work, your doctor will probably give you other options for raising your progesterone levels. There are many options available, one of the best being progesterone creams. You simply rub the creams into your skin to help improve your progesterone levels. There are also other options however including pills, injections and suppositories. These treatment options often make quick work of improving progesterone levels, so don’t be afraid to try them if your doctor suggests them. As you can see, low progesterone levels don’t have to be something that affects your life for the long term. You can deal with them right away and get them taken care of.

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