Male Infertility Causes

Male Infertility Causes

Being able to conceive or enable a woman to conceive a child is a coveted experience. Not every man or woman are able to bear children and it can be a rather demoralizing experience. There are many causes as to male infertility and exactly why it takes place. Conceiving a child is a complex process made up of many different operations that must take place in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Infertility in men

Male infertility is not uncommon and takes place in about one third of couples. There are many different medical issues that can affect sperm to cause infertility. The most common medical issues are dealing with sperm count, ability to move and/or ability to fertilize the egg.

A challenge in infertility

There is no easy way around infertility and the many emotions it can bring about. Men and women are subject to infertility and there are treatments and other ways around building the dream family each couple so desires. One should meet with medical professionals regularly to ensure that health is optimal.

Abnormal sperm production and function

Some common issues with male infertility have to do with abnormal sperm production and function. This can be caused by many different issues and can result in the inevitable such as undescended testicles, genetic defects or repeated infections. These issues can lead to problems with delivery of the sperm and can cause sexual issues.

The environmental factors

The most uncommon causes of male infertility that are most unknown are environmental factors. Exposure to pesticides and other extreme chemicals are examples of exposure which can cause these types of issues. The usage of saunas and hot tubs cause problems because of the factor of elevating your core temperature. The rising of your temperature lowers one’s sperm count.

Cancer treatment

Most issues men experience are uncontrollable and can be a result of cancer treatment. The closer the treatment comes to the testicles the more of a chance of infertility.

Age & infertility

An unfortunate result of the natural aging process can cause male infertility issues as well. Male fertility is at its peak from 22-32.

Health and lifestyle choices

Sometimes the issues which you could be experiencing could be due to general health issues and poor lifestyle choices. These are the less extreme can be corrected with understanding what exactly you are doing to cause this. Poor nutrition, obesity, alcohol and tobacco usage are main causes that could be improved upon.

Male infertility causes cannot always be prevented; however, healthcare professionals can provide concrete answers. Scientifically, medical professionals are making great strides to understand infertility and as we can hope that one day it will be eliminated.

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