Male Infertility Home Tests

Male Infertility Home Tests

There is a new way for a couple to test infertility, and it does not involve a doctor’s visit. Most times a woman is often the one looked at when fertility is in question; however, now there is an at home test for males to determine fertility. Some people may be questioning how this device actually works without the full on laboratory but this is now the future. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Testing your man’s fertility at home

You can now test your sperm without the embarrassing doctor visit and maybe find out information about your situation. The male will ejaculate and mix his sperm with a solution in a test tube. Then you will take the mixture and continue to test. The results will be shown by a colored line. A red line will mean the sperm count is in the normal range, and no color at all will mean abnormal. In less than ten minutes your results will be ready to read. The FDA has approved this at home test. The brand for this test is known as SpermCheck. The test is said to be ninety eight percent correct.


More than seven million couples are affected with infertility each year. That is fourteen million people that have infertility issues in their home. In most cases men do not like the topic of infertility and can feel insecure about this topic all together. So the ease of using a test in the convenience of your own home means the world. This can make an extremely stressful situation less confrontational than it has to be.

Great to use

There are many reasons for infertility in males, such as low sperm count and oligospermia. This type of fertility test joins a crowded market for female fertility tests at Walgreens alone. There are some males who are just curious about their fertility and will now have access to these tests. There are many reasons why one would want to test their fertility but for those who are just curious or even just embarrassed that it could be your issue and not your partners these are definitely a viable option.

Male infertility home tests are new but a booming item. Female fertility tests have been around for so long and now it is a great thing for males. The idea of male infertility home tests is controversial; however, it is an easy step that could possibly save you money.

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