Methods to Track Ovulation

Methods to Track Ovulation

Ovulation is an important time especially if you are trying to get pregnant. If you know when you are ovulating, you will be able to time sex accordingly in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation is the time when you are the most fertile and only when you have sex around and during this time will you get pregnant. Thus, knowing when you are ovulating is important. It is also important if you are trying not to have a baby. Avoiding sex during ovulation will help you. Either way, knowledge about ovulation is important. There are many different ways in which you can track ovulation. If you have regular periods, this will be very easy for you. You don’t need to worry if you have irregular periods, though. Charting will help you know when you are ovulating. Here are a few ways to track ovulation: Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

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You can use any calendar to track your pregnancy. However, don’t use the one hanging in your living room. Take a small calendar and keep it private for your own good. Use the conventional pen and paper instead of the modern electronic calendar on your desktop. However, if you want a more modern approach, you can look over the Internet for software programs or apps for your mobile phone to help you track your ovulation effectively.

Basal Body Temperature

Tracking your BBT or basal body temperature will help you a lot. All you will need is a thermometer but be sure to use a basal body thermometer to get accurate results and to pinpoint on even minor changes in the body temperature. Basal body thermometers are more sensitive than the others and will give you accurate results. During your ovulation time, your basal body temperature will increase by about a degree Fahrenheit. Sometimes the change is only 0.5 degrees and such small changes are hard to note through ordinary thermometers. Thus, using a thermometer specifically designed to show you even slight changes in temperature is ideal. Be sure to use the thermometer right. Check your BBT first thing in the morning each day and note the readings down. When you see that the temperature has increased and has remained as such for about three days, know that you are ovulating. The only downside of this method is that it doesn’t predict ovulation. It just tells you once you have already ovulated.

Cervical Mucus

The appearance and quantity of your cervical mucus will be different when you are ovulating and different when you are not. You can check your cervical mucus to track ovulation, thus. A couple of days before ovulating and during ovulation, your cervical mucus will be watery and have an appearance that resembles an egg white. At other times it is thick. You may find this squeamish but know that it is reliable and easy.

Ovulation prediction kit

If you don’t want to choose any of these ways to track ovulation, you can go for ovulation prediction kits. They will easily tell you when you will be ovulating and timing your sex accordingly will be easier for you. They are expensive, though. If you choose high-tech monitors, know that you will have to spend even more money. The choice is ultimately yours.

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