Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation Calendar

The myth around ovulation

Timing intercourse around ovulation is the key to getting pregnant. Keeping track of ovulation can help a woman time her intercourse and notice general patterns in her cycle. There are many free online tools to help women predict and record ovulation. Unfortunately the accuracy of these tools can be compromised by the fact that many of these calendars time ovulation at exactly cycle day 14. It is a myth that all women ovulate on day 14, therefore, this can cause women to miss out on their fertile window. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The fertility awareness method (FAM)

The best way to keep an ovulation calendar is to create your own using your body’s cues to pinpoint when ovulation occurs. This can be done using the FAM method or Fertility Awareness Method. The Fertility Awareness Method or (FAM) is where a woman tracks her fertility and ovulation using natural biological signs from her body such as, cervical fluid, cervical position, and Basal body temperature. To use this method correctly, a woman has to track not one but, all three components.

Period tracker

There are also many apps available for your smart-phone or even tablet device that can be used to help keep an ovulation calendar. One app that is relatively cheap (and has a free trial version) is the Period Tracker. To start, you simply enter the day your period starts and stops into the calendar, but as the months goes on the app becomes predictive in nature and shows your fertile window leading up to ovulation and predicts the day of ovulation. It also has features that allow you to keep record of cervical mucus, cramps, headaches, bloating, mood, and even has a spot for notes. If you get pregnant there is a “pregnancy mode” on the app that will count down until your due date. I have personally found the app to be quite accurate. It also has a pass-code feature that makes entering a PIN number necessary to open it, for the sake of privacy.

Old fashioned actual calendar

Another option would be to keep a good old fashioned actual calendar (something that is discreet and small enough for your purse) to record all the information needed to keep track of your cycle. This option is nice because you can be as detailed as you need. For instance each month you try to conceive you may want to record the drugs that were tried, procedures that were performed, etc. so that not only you are keeping track of ovulation but also a running record of what has worked and what hasn’t in the way of fertility treatments.

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