PCOS and Fertility

PCOS and Fertility

PCOS is the most common disorder among women. Those who have PCOS often have issues with fertility due to the change in hormone fluctuations. These hormone fluctuations cause problems with the menstrual cycle and this affects ovulation. Trying to conceive can become frustrating and very stressful when those little sticks are not giving you the results that you so desire. Maybe you have not been to the doctor for an evaluation and maybe you have been diagnosed with PCOS and want to know how it affects your fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

PCOS and what it affects

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects hormones, menstrual cycles, fertility and even appearance. Some scientists are still very unsure why some women are diagnosed with PCOS. Some are starting to believe that it has something to do with the body’s production of insulin.

Why PCOS makes conception difficult

Those who are experiencing PCOS realize that the overproduction of the male hormone is playing a huge role in the production of the female hormone. These make it so the body does not ovulate, and causes a buildup of progesterone. The buildup of the lining makes menstruating irregular and sometimes causes them to be nonexistent. With these things going hand in hand conception will not be possible. Don’t worry though. While PCOS can be rather frustrating, it will not stop you from conceiving a child. However, you should understand that untreated PCOS can deteriorate your health and cause much more serious health issues.

Problem with weight

Women who are significantly overweight and because of the weight have irregular amounts of hormones could reduce this by losing weight. Losing just five percent of the weight can make a woman able to conceive easier than before.

Metformin and how it helps against PCOS

There is a prescription drug known as Metformin which helps the body’s sensitivity to insulin. One should be aware that high levels of insulin are in direct link with high levels of male hormones. These male hormones cause the female production to not act regularly. Imagine the high insulin level throwing a wrench into a machine. This wrench will disrupt the entire system and throw off each process.

Herbal remedies for PCOS

Not everyone woman who is suffering from PCOS need to use fertility drugs to help with conception. There are herbal remedies and other things that your doctor could guide you down the right path of action. Clomid is an option in the most extreme cases. Drugs should NOT be the first choice of action when it comes to the treatment of PCOS.

The bottom line

Please remember that if you’re suffering from PCOS please remember that this will not stop you from becoming a parent. The process may be a bit more difficult but it is possible. You can do this because I know you want it so badly. PCOS and fertility definitely can interact with one another but there is treatment and lifestyle changes that can be made to help lighten the situation.

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