Period or Early Pregnancy Bleeding?

Period or Early Pregnancy Bleeding?

Period is what you experience every month that you are not pregnant. The blood is red and is accompanied with pain and cramps. On the other hand, there is early pregnancy bleeding and you should make sure you don’t confuse it with your period. The main distinguishing feature is the color. While period is red, early pregnancy bleeding is pink in color. Also, period is heavy and early pregnancy bleeding is scant. Early pregnancy bleeding is more like spots, which is why it is called spotting too. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Pregnancy and bleeding

Pregnancy is an amalgamation of joy and worry. While you are joyous about the fact that you are going to be a mother soon, you are also worried about various things such as spotting. By the general rule, you are not supposed to bleed if you are pregnant. So what do a few spots of blood on your underwear suggest? Caught unawares, it could lead to a lot of alarm and worry but if you see spotting, you should relax. It is completely normal. In fact, it is an early sign of pregnancy that many women swear by.

Bleeding during pregnancy

As aforementioned, early pregnancy bleeding is pretty common. One out of four women experiences it. You may mistake it as period because it is so early during the pregnancy but the reason is completely different. Usually, such light bleeding or spotting occurs during the tenth to fourteenth day of pregnancy or fertilization, to be exact. Such bleeding is known as implantation bleeding and occurs when the egg reaches the uterus and is working to implant there. During implantation sometimes the lining may get disrupted. This causes the bleeding. Remember that the bleeding should be absolutely light and should cease within a couple of days. Another less common reason behind bleeding is the hormonal imbalance caused because of the sudden surge of pregnancy hormones. There may be variations in the hormonal cycles in the body, which lead to bleeding in order to balance them out. Bleeding may also be caused due to softening of the cervix or cervical erosion. If the bleeding gets heavy at any point of time, you should rush to the doctor.

Heavy bleeding during pregnancy

Heavy bleeding needs doctor’s attention immediately because it may mean a cervical or vaginal infection that should be treated right away. It may also mean that yours is a molar pregnancy. This condition is rare and complex. In this, the fertilized egg is abnormal and because of this the embryo fails to survive or develop. If you experience cramps and abdominal pain with bleeding, it may be a sign of miscarriage. It could also be an ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the embryo implants in the fallopian tube itself instead of dropping down into the uterus or the womb. Other symptoms associated with bleeding include chills and fever. Thus, if you experience such symptoms along with pain and bleeding, you should see the doctor immediately.

Your doctor will first conduct a pelvic examination to check if the baby is okay. Depending on the results, he will let you know what steps to take.

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