Pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy after 40

Deciding to conceive a child is always a decision which we place large amounts of consideration on. Deciding to have a child after 40 is not unheard of in this day in age. So many people are waiting longer in life to start a family for many reasons. The reality of this type of situation is that each pregnancy faces its own issues and stresses. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR)

The bottom line is that a woman over 40 can have just as many issues as a person much younger. There poses an issue when a woman of this age is having a hard time conceiving. The reason usually for infertility after this age is diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).

Diagnosis of DOR

The diagnosis of DOR must be made in a hurried fashion as initiation of treatment can be started. As a woman over 40 things can really only get worse and those with a much worse cases of DOR should not spend time on particular types of treatments as they will not help the situation at all.

• Women should recognize the urgency of their situations. They should realize that time is of the most essence.
• Meet with a physician that you trust and insist on speedy diagnosis. Make sure to get a detailed treatment plan so that you can be sure to stick to it.
• Once meeting with your physician make sure she/he is aware of your specific fertility goals.
• Insist that you mean business and do NOT agree to endless amounts of tests just to see if they come with the correct results.
• Your health is of the utmost importance and a second or third opinion NEVER hurts.

See a doctor after 6 months

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) suggests that any woman over the age of 35 meet with a fertility specialist after just six months of not conceiving while enduring regular unprotected sex. The regular amount of time to wait is twelve months because normally that is when a woman is deemed infertile, however, as stated previously time is not in your playing field. Woman over the age of 40 have a drastically hard time conceiving due to DOR which means it is harder for the ovaries to produce good quality eggs. Therefore sometimes it is hard to diagnose DOR because of the reduced amount of ovarian reserve.

Know your treatment options

There are just certain treatments that do not make sense for women who are trying to get pregnant after 40. The pregnancy facts are simple because certain treatments are viewed as a waste of time when at this point there really is no time. Please be aware of all the options and treatments that are available that are of use to your particular situation. You may wish to look into IVF or IUI, or even the use of donor eggs should that be deemed to be your difficulty. Hold your head up and accept life as it comes. What is worth having is always worth waiting for.

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