Pregnancy after Mirena

Pregnancy after Mirena

What is Mirena?

Mirena is a type of birth control used by a number of women. You may have heard about intrauterine contraception devices. Mirena is among them. Instead of copper, Mirena has progesterone and when you opt for it, you will not have menstrual cycles at all. In some cases, there will be reduced menstrual cycles. Women who have heavy periods can also use this because it provides relief from heavy bleeding month after month. While some women are relieved by the fact that they don’t have to endure periods anymore, other women tend to find it weird and unnatural. However, it is much better to have it inserted and be carefree when compared to popping contraceptive pills everyday and then freaking out when you forget to take a pill or two. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Getting Pregnant after Mirena

Minera may be a birth control device but that doesn’t mean you can never get pregnant after you have it inserted. If you want to get pregnant, you can always have it removed. It is the ideal choice to go for if you don’t want to conceive for a few years at a stretch. When you are ready to get pregnant you can opt for its removal and start trying to conceive.

Will I get pregnant easily?

According to reports, the answer is positive. There are many women who have actually gotten pregnant immediately after the removal of Mirena. One good thing about this contraceptive measure is that your body will bounce back to normal pretty quickly especially when compared to other birth control measures such as Depo Provera shots. With the latter you may have to wait for a year before you get pregnant. With Mirena though, you can get pregnant faster.

High reports of miscarriage

However, one thing to note here is that some women have reported miscarriages. This may not be very common but you should know of all the possible complications before going for it.

When will my period return to normal?

In most cases, it takes not more than six months for your body to bounce back and for your periods to begin naturally again. However, in some cases you might have to wait. If it has been more than a year and a half and your periods are not back to normal or if you have failed to get pregnant, you should go to the doctor and find out why. There may be a hidden complication that you were not previously aware of.

Are there any symptoms after removal?

Yes, you will go through a number of symptoms once Mirena is removed and the catch here is that most of these symptoms resemble pregnancy symptoms including nausea, bloating, pain, sore breasts, irregular periods, mood swings, and so on. This doesn’t mean that you are pregnant already. It means that your body is undergoing the necessary changes to come back to its normal state.

Are there chances of getting pregnant with Mirena?

Yes, there are chances of getting pregnant even while using it but the chances are rare. If you do get pregnant, you should have the device removed immediately. Also, you should know that most pregnancies in this case are ectopic or that the embryo is in the wrong place. You should be careful about this possible complication.

Side effects and possible fertility issues

Every contraceptive measure has some side effects or the other and you should be aware of them before going for any of the measures. In case of Mirena, pelvic floor inflammatory disease has been found to be common. This could even lead to infertility at later stages. However, this problem is rare and happens in less than ten percent of the women who go for Mirena.

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