Pregnancy Test Calculator

Pregnancy Test Calculator

So you have decided to get pregnant and you have done the deed. The suspense can be too overwhelming for you, sure, but you should know when to perform the test so that you don’t get false results. If you do it too early or if you don’t do it right, you may get a false negative. If you are very impatient and can’t wait any longer, you can take a home pregnancy test or HPT two days before your missed period. For this, you should choose a very sensitive brand of HPT so that you get the right result. If you can wait a little longer, go for HPT a few days after you miss your period. It is ideal to wait for a week post the missed date. Of course it can be frustrating to wait so long but it is a good idea to do so, so that you get the right result. Also remember that the best time to take a pregnancy test is in the morning. Make sure it is the midstream that touches your stick and then give it some time to show the result. If it is positive, celebrate with your husband. If it is negative, you should try after a few days just to be absolutely sure. If it is even a faint positive, chances are high that you really are pregnant because false positive results are extremely rare. However, check again two days later just to be sure. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Here are some of the top rated home pregnancy tests that you could take:

First Response Early Result

Numerous studies have revealed that the First Response Early Result test is the most sensitive home pregnancy test out there today. That is the reason why it has been rated as the best home pregnancy test in the market. This one is definitely for those who can’t wait until their missed period because it can give you accurate results even before your missed period. Just take the test two days before your missed period and you will have the right result in front of you. Another advantage is that this test is clearer than the others in the market. The bands formed are darker and can be easily recognized. However, this one is expensive. Remember that great quality and in this case, sensitivity always comes at a price! The test is worth spending the extra dollars though.

First Response Gold

This test is again very sensitive and you can check for accurate results even five days before your missed period. This test also comes with the advantage that it is easy to read. It gives you a simple ‘yes’ on positive, and ‘no’ on negative. You can also easily find out if you are doing it right because it assists you with ‘test is working’. This one is also expensive but it is worth it.

ClearBlue Easy Digital pregnancy test

The best thing about this home pregnancy test is that it is digital and thus, it is easy to use. Its sensitivity is less than the aforementioned tests but it is accurate enough. If you have never taken a test before and are nervous about taking one, the ClearBlue Easy Digital is the right one for you. It comes with no hassle of various lines and bands and signs to check. The digital form makes things much easier. Also, if you use this stick right, it will turn pink. Hence you know how long to urinate on the stick to get the right result. It is thus a very good home pregnancy test choice.

Remember that tests taken at home are only accurate when taken correctly. You have to follow all the instructions in order to get the correct results.

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