Pregnancy Test Results

Pregnancy Test Results

Those who are in hopes of becoming pregnant, most often, have a question of when can I take a pregnancy test? This is a very common question and can really be tiring when one is unsure of whether one is performing the test correctly. The first thing you want to be sure of is whether or not you are healthy enough to conceive a child. A medical professional will be able to ensure that you are on the track to conception. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When is the best time to take pregnancy test?

The first thing you must remember that you must wait until after you miss your period as this will give you the best test results and ensure the correct response. The two weeks after ovulation can be so stressful and trust me I understand what it can be like to have to wait but it is what you must do.

Why is it better to wait?

Every woman is different and none are like another. We are unique and therefore the amount of time that it takes the fertilized egg to implant. An old tale is that the egg will implant seven days after conception and that is however not the case. HCG is the hormone which is in the body when one is pregnant and this becomes apparent around six to twelve days after conception. More than eighty-four percent of eggs implant around ten to twelve days after conception. When one tests before it is time one could get a negative test and believe they’re not pregnant. One should wait to test.

Pregnancy tests and hCG values

There are many tests on the store shelves and the sensitivity of them all varies. A test is considered sensitive when it is able to pick up the lowest level of HCG. There are many examples such as the Aimstrip test which can detect as low as 20 MCG and the Walgreens Cassette Pregnancy test which can only detect as low as 50 MCG. Just by looking at these details the Aimstrip will be able to detect an earlier pregnancy. Those tests which can detect 20 MCG can declare whether one is pregnant as early as six to eight days after conception. Those that cannot detect a lower percentage of HCG will be more useful around nine to ten days following.

Disadvantage of early pregnancy tests

There is a downside to using the pregnancy tests that can detect early pregnancy as there is with all things. As many as twenty-five percent of early pregnancies end in miscarriage and most times a period will follow that test. This means that though you were pregnant it was not meant to be and ended in miscarriage. Those who are trying to get pregnant should wait the proper amount of time due to the emotional process that one has to go through in the case an early miscarriage occurs. The emotional experience could just be too much for some.

So use a sensitive pregnancy test. Use a test that can observe as low as 20 MCG of HCG and use this test at least six to ten days after you have missed your menstrual cycle.

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