Premature Ovarian Aging [POA]

Mostly unheard POA

Out of the numerous reasons behind infertility, finding out that POA is the cause can be very traumatic. This is because it is mostly unheard of and not many people even know that something called premature ovarian aging happens! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Ovarian reserve is too low

You may have heard about premature ovarian failure, which the phenomenon is in which the ovaries fail to work even before the woman is forty years old. Premature ovarian aging is different from this. Women with POA have more levels of FSH in their body and the ovarian reserve is too low. The ovarian reserve refers to the number of good eggs in the ovaries.

It is common

You may not have heard about it but that doesn’t mean that it is rare. It is actually shockingly common! Did you know that about twenty five percent of women go into menopause or have menopausal symptoms in their thirties itself?
Here is more about premature ovarian aging or POA to keep you informed.

The causes of POA

Not much is actually known about POA. Why it occurs only in some women and why it does not bother other women is not known yet. Research is still being carried out. However, some doctors have some suggestions and ideas about it. One of the common ideas is that women who have abnormality in self-immunity are more susceptible to POA than the others. They also say that self-immunity problems not just affect the reproductive system but also the other organs in the body. There is no conclusive research, though, and coming to an affirmative answer is not possible at this stage.
Other doctors have more to say. They point out a few more reasons behind POA including genetic problems, gland inflammation, radiation and chemotherapy, deficiency of a few enzymes and so on.

The contributing causes of POA

Aforementioned are what may be the MAIN causes of premature ovarian aging. However, there may be a few contributing causes too. These include alcohol abuse, smoking, eating too many unhealthy foods, and drug abuse.
Some doctors also say that stress can be a contributing factor. Once again, stress has managed to cause a big problem!

No symptoms of POA

Some women don’t even realize that they have POA until they have been diagnosed with it. This is because they don’t see any symptoms of premature ovarian aging! Only when they go to the doctor will conception problems and only when the doctor recommends a blood test do they find out about POA because of the elevated FSH levels in the blood.

Preventing POA

Doctors are not sure about the causes of premature ovarian aging and its treatment or whether it is even possible to treat the problem. However, they do have some advice for you that will help you prevent this awful problem.
The doctors appeal to everybody to sleep well, eat well, and to stay happy! All you have to do is take good care of yourself. In today’s times, this is actually hard and that is the reason why numerous problems are taking shape. If you could eliminate bad habits from your life and eat healthy, if you could just sleep well and not let stress take your down, chances are good that you won’t have to worry about POA at all!

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