Shettles Method of Gender Selection

Shettles Method of Gender Selection

Have you ever wondered about gender selection? Have you ever wondered if it was actually possible to decide the sex of your unborn? The Shettles Method of Gender Selection is a method created by Dr. Landrum Shettles stating that the X and Y chromosome are different from one another. The method states that because of these differences one would be able to influence the gender of their unborn. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm

Shettles theorized that the two different types of sperm, X-chromosome-bearing sperm and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm, had different properties. The X-chromosome is smaller and round-headed in shape. These chromosomes tend to be faster, more fragile with a shorter life span. The Y-chromosome is larger and oval-headed in shape. This chromosome is slower, more resilient with a longer life span.

To conceive a baby girl

His thoughts to conceive a girl cite that one should have sex two to three days before ovulation giving the Y-chromosome time to die off before the egg becomes viable. Women should also avoid experiencing an orgasm because the X-chromosome enjoys the acidic environment. The couple should also avoid positions which produce deep penetration.

To conceive a baby boy

Dr. Shettles method said that if one would want their unborn to be a boy then to use sexual positions that produce deep penetration. The deep penetration gives the Y-chromosome time enough to make it to the egg before dying off. Another key to this method is to have sex very close to your ovulation date due to the life span of the Y. The couple should experience an orgasm and preferably at the same time would be favorable to conceive a boy.

The efficacy of Shettles Method

There are many women that claim that the Shettles method without a doubt worked for them. There are many scientific experiments that offer evidence that Shettles method does not work. Some of those who provided the scientific evidence that it doesn’t work also say that this method could actually prevent you for conceiving.

Many important documents such as the New England Journal of Medicine that have said, “The timing of sexual intercourse in relation to ovulation has no bearing on the sex of the baby.” On the other hand Dr. Shettle proclaimed that throughout his scientific studies he always found positive reinforcement to believe that his method was correct.

Negative feedback on Shettles method

Many families who have tried Shettles Method of Gender Selection were rather disappointed. They stated that the method was strict and hard to follow due to the rules of when to have an orgasm or not. Others believed that the rules would hinder conceiving of a child and make it harder to really follow through with.

The only true method to gender selection would be to manipulate body processes with science. Shettles Method of Gender Selection is a matter of belief whether it would truly work or not. Only around 17% of women really cared what the sex of their unborn would be ultimately. Male or female children are a true blessing and bring so much joy to this world.

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