Signs of Miscarriage: Top 6

Signs of Miscarriage: Top 6

Miscarriage is a horrible thing to have to go through, no matter if it is your first or your third, it is a hard thing to experience and have to feel on the outside as well as the inside. If you are here then you too are concerned that you have miscarried or are in the process of miscarrying. Please read carefully these six signs of miscarriage that could mean you need to seek medical attention immediately. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


At some point in every pregnancy you will experience bleeding. This is usually light or just spotting that does stop within a few hours or a day after it has begun. However, if you begin bleeding heavily and soak through pads quickly without it stopping, this could mean you are experiencing a miscarriage. Seek medical attention immediately.


A few stomach aches is not what I am referring to here. Doubled over in pain, interfering in your daily activities, or sharp pains that come along with the bleeding. These are reasons to be concerned about the cramps and you also need to seek medical attention at this time.


Similar to the cramps, if these begin to feel as though you are having a hard time getting around, or if it is interfering in your daily life seek medical attention. This is due to the muscle spasms from your body trying to reject the baby itself. Just like backaches in labor, it could mean the possibility of the end of the pregnancy.

Passing blood clots

Along with the bleeding, if you pass something the size of a large grape or bigger, this is usually the embryo itself. (Not all cases but most) Call your doctor immediately; he or she may have you collect the tissue for testing to determine exactly what it is or what caused the miscarriage.

Pregnancy test results

If at first you take one (or two) pregnancy tests and it has a definitive “+” sign on it, this is an exciting time! You set up your doctor’s appointment and you are so excited for your doctor to tell you what you already know, perhaps even an ultra sound? But then the doctor says that their urine test or blood test are negative? It is a gut wrenching experience and what does that mean? In most cases this means you have miscarried at a very early stage, also sometimes called a chemical pregnancy.

Loss of pregnancy symptoms

Everyone has different symptoms of pregnancy, and over the course of the pregnancy itself they may get better or worse, however never all at once. If you have a few symptoms and then over a two day time span they all go away at the same time this is usually a sign of a miscarriage. This means the hCG hormone is so low that it does not affect your body any longer, thus stopping the symptoms. HCG is the hormone that is present during your entire pregnancy.

Please speak to your doctor if you have any of the signs listed above. He or she may be able to determine if that is actually what has happened or if it is something else.

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