Signs of Pregnancy from Conception

Signs of Pregnancy

Have you done the deed and are excited that you may be pregnant? You can’t use a home pregnancy test to determine whether you are pregnant very soon. Yet you are extremely excited and you can barely contain your thrill. You want to know right away whether you are pregnant or not. Unless you take a pregnancy test at home, you can’t be sure that you are pregnant. But remember that there are numerous early signs that you can detect before it is the right time to check using a home pregnancy test. Here is a list of such signs. Remember that if you find a few of these or all of these signs, it is most likely that you are indeed pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Tender breasts

This is actually the first sign of pregnancy after conception. Within a few days of conceptions, you will start feeling that your breasts are painful especially when you touch them. They are also full, swollen, and tender. You can compare the pain to the pain that you experience during your period but know that it is a lot worse when you are pregnant. Thus, tender and painful breasts are clear signs of pregnancy.

Darker areolas

Along with tender breasts, if you are pregnant indeed, you will see that the color of the area around your nipples has darkened. Instead of worrying about this prominent color change, you should rejoice because this is a clear-cut sign that you are pregnant! In fact, you can see the color changing within a week of conception. This is because of the surge of pregnancy hormones in your body. Also, the bumps on your areola or the area around your nipple will begin to enlarge and increase in number.


Some women go through a condition known as implantation bleeding during the very early stages of pregnancy. This happens when the embryo reaches the uterus and implants there. The bleeding is scant when compared to your period and it is more like spotting. Known that such ‘spotting’ is completely normal. Another way to differentiate between spotting and period is the color. While period is red, spotting is pinkish.

Excess urination

You will start peeing a LOT if you are pregnant. Within a fortnight or three weeks of conception, you will find yourself running to the bathroom to pee every now and then. This is a classic sign of pregnancy.


You will feel extremely exhausted and fatigue will overwhelm you if you are pregnant. This is because of the number of hormones surging through your body.


Along with fatigue, you will feel nauseated. You will also start puking round the clock. This sign starts to show in the sixth week of pregnancy.


Are you feeling bloated? Well, then you may be pregnant!


Many women also feel headaches during pregnancy. This is because in early pregnancy, the circulation of blood is enhanced. Blood rushes through your body and gives you a headache. The headaches are thankfully mild.


This is also a common sign of pregnancy and the reason is the increase in the level of progesterone. Food passes at a slower rate than usual and causes constipation as a result.

If you notice a few of these signs at least, rush to the store, and get a home pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy!

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