Sperm Morphology

Sperm Morphology

Female and male fertility are an important determination when wanting to conceive a child. The health of the mother and father is vital and should always be a consideration. The health checkup should always be performed before trying to conceive because a physician will be able to guide your way to and through a healthy pregnancy. Sperm morphology, the shape of the sperm, will be tested in a sperm analysis when determining male infertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Misshapen sperm

Normal sperm must have an oval head; however, abnormalities will be apparent if the sperm is disfigured in anyway. This can be seen through a high powered microscope. Sperm being misshaped is actually more normal than one would believe. About four percent of the sperm are those that have deformities.

Other infertile factors

Sperm morphology alone does not determine whether not a male is infertile. There are other determining factors that will be used when a physician is examining a patient.

• Semen volume
• Total sperm number
• Sperm concentration
• Vitality of sperm
• Mobility of sperm

Sperm testing

Sometimes a physician likes to try a ‘wait-and-see’ approach if sperm is tested and abnormalities are shown. Following the very first test that showed these issues, four to six weeks later another test will be given. If this test shows any of these abnormalities, then more in-depth tests will be given to discover more information. The testing is rather easy and uncomplicated. A semen sample will be delivered into a clean sample cup. This will all be completed in a private room. Those who live close to the doctor’s office can do this at home and then bring the sample in.

How to enchance sperm morphology

There are some ways that a male could enhance sperm morphology.

Quit Smoking
Limit alcohol
• Exercise
• See a specialist for sperm morphology

Seek medical advice

I cannot stress the importance of seeking professional medical advice. A physician will be able to conduct tests, administer medication and help you seek out further medical attention. For many years, medical professionals ignored sperm morphology due to the fact that the interpretation of the shape of the sperm could vary from person to person. This is still a topic of debate among different professionals in this area of study. Remember it is always important to try not to stress as it will not help the situation in all situations.

Just because you may suffer from sperm morphology, motility issues or a low sperm count it does not mean you are infertile. Any males with these issues still have the chance to impregnate their partners it just may take longer than normal. There are other possibilities that your doctor can point out and help you along the way.

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