Stages of Pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical time that results in the miracle of birth. Your body undergoes numerous different changes through the course of nine months that it is fascinating. Because of the numerous hormones in the body at that time, a number of physical changes can be felt. Here are the stages of pregnancy and what you can expect at each stage. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Week one to week twelve

Your body changes drastically during the first trimester because of the numerous changes in the body. There are so many hormonal changes that your entire body gets affected. All the systems experience change. Some of these changes lead to a few symptoms that are used as early signs of pregnancy. While missing a period is a classic sign of pregnancy, there are many other signs that you can detect much earlier including fatigue, swollen and tender breasts, darker areola, morning sickness where you experience stomach uneasiness, cravings for a few foods and distaste for others, random mood swings, constipation, excess urination, weight loss or weight gain, heartburn, and headache.

First trimester

Depending on the changes in your body, you will have to alter your daily schedule to suit your pregnancy. For example, you will have to sleep early and start eating frequently in small meals. During the later stages of pregnancy, you won’t feel most of these signs. Some women don’t feel any discomfort, in fact. Usually the discomfort is more during the first pregnancy. On subsequent pregnancies, you won’t notice the discomfort much. However, it all depends on your body.

Week thirteen to week twenty-eight

Compared to the first trimester this is easier but you know everything about this phase too, just to be careful. Fatigue and nausea will fade away during this time. You will start seeing physical changes such as the expansion of the abdomen because of the growing baby. By the end of this trimester, you will be able to feel your baby’s movements!

Second trimester

During this time you may experience thigh pain, groin pain, abdomen pain, or back pain; stretch marks on your buttocks, thighs, breasts, and abdomen; darker skin patches on your upper lip, nose, forehead, or cheeks and this is called mask of pregnancy; carpal tunnel syndrome or tingling sensation in your hands; itching on the palms and soles of your feet; and swollen face, ankles, and feet. However, you should be careful. For example, if the itching on your soles and palms is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fatigue, or loss of appetite, you should see the doctor immediately. Also if the swelling is extreme or you experience tremendous weight loss suddenly you should see the doctor.

Week twenty-nine to week forty

Except a few, you will experience all the discomforts of the second trimester in the third trimester. You may start urinating even more though. Some of the discomforts you will face include heartburn, shortness of breath, leaky breasts, sleep trouble, and contractions. The contractions may also be a sign of false labor. This can occur towards the end of your pregnancy.

Third trimester

As your due date closes in, you will experience effacing or the softening and thinning of the cervix. Your doctor will perform a vaginal exam to check if everything is okay and when it is time!

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