The Pill and Infertility

The Pill and Infertility

A very controversial topic is whether or not the pill and infertility are linked. There are many people who debate that even after you are off the pill you remain protected even if you do not want to. They say that the pill causes infertility but on the other hand there are those who say that the pill has no effect whatsoever on fertility. I have used just about all of the contraceptive pills out on the market and as well the Depo shot. There are pros and cons of each medication to prevent pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The pill

Many people hold strong that the pill has no effect on fertility because when those are in treatment for infertility the pill is often used as a method of treatment. There are those people who use the birth control pill during IVF treatment because they want to regulate their bodies. The supporters of the pill claim that if it were having a negative effect on the body, why would professionals use it during these types of treatments. One would want to believe behind every dishonest statement there is a bit of truth. There are those that say that the people who claim the pill causes infertility are anti-birth control to believe only state these myths is because they do not like it in general.

Birth control and your period

Birth control does not make your periods irregular. Most times those who take the pill often take it for so long they forget what their periods were really like. Perhaps the female’s periods were always irregular and so the pill was just to blame because of forgetfulness.

Ask your physician

The truth is the pill can actually mask the symptoms you may have already had that were pointing toward infertility. I would urge you to meet with your physician as he/she knows your body better than anyone else.

Myths about the pill

There are many myths that state that perhaps the pill gave women a false sense of security. It claims that it gave the impression that medicine could regulate your body therefore there was a lot of time to conceive. Those after 35 and 40 often have much harder times getting pregnant than those who are younger. Time is really of the essence because of the eggs’ viability.

The bottom line

You should not start the pill or any other medication for that matter without meeting with your medical professional. The pill and infertility is not linked however as I have stated there are many reasons why you could believe it is. Check with your primary care doctor to be sure you are at the best health state of being as possible.

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