Trouble Getting Pregnant Again

Trouble Getting Pregnant Again

What is secondary infertility?

Secondary Infertility is the inability to become pregnant or carry a baby to term after the birth of one or more biological children conceived without fertility drugs or other reproductive assistance. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Why does it occur?

Secondary infertility can take place for various reasons. For example, the man or woman may be trying to conceive with a new spouse. The man or the woman may acquire a fertility problem that develops after the birth of the first child. It is also possible that a couple wasn’t that fertile to begin with and the first pregnancy was simply a lucky fluke.

The emotional stress

The emotional complications that secondary infertility entails are a different set of dynamics entirely from a couple who is experiencing infertility with no children at all. First, parents experiencing secondary infertility are usually baffled at the difficulty in becoming pregnant a second time, if the first time happened easily or was a surprise. Infertility is draining on multiple levels and when that is compounded with a child to care for it can leave parents even more exhausted than what they are already. If a woman is experiencing infertility, it is not uncommon for her to avoid family functions loaded with children and birthday parties or baby showers in order to protect her emotional health. This becomes more difficult to do when there is already a child and he or she is expected to attend other parties and family functions around children in similar age. Mothers often feel pressured not only by family members but also themselves, to provide a sibling to their current child and feel that they are depriving or failing him or her if she does not.

The sooner, the better

Unfortunately, many couples have their first child and wait to try for a second. They wait for better jobs, more money, a bigger house, to finish school, etc. and in doing so, the years pass and they become older. Their age then hinders fertility when they do decide that they are ready for the increased demands that a second child entails. Fertility in women quickly plummets in the 30’s and the man’s age affects sperm quality. So often, while the couple had good intentions to wait for a second child, they regret not starting to try sooner. The key to combating secondary infertility is not waiting to get help.

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