Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Does everything feel normal or do you have a feeling that you may be carrying more than one child? Twin pregnancy symptoms could be happening to you right now and without the knowledge of what they are, you could be left in the dark. Pregnancy is an amazing gift but what if your family is prone to multiple child births. The emotions that come with finding out you are pregnant is tremendous but when one finds out they could possibly be carrying more is even more of a whirlwind. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Talk to your healthcare professional

There are some common signs that could very well point you down the path of carrying twins. Remember the best advice is to meet with your healthcare professional because they truly are the ones who can tell you if you have more than one little miracle inside of you.

Have an ultrasound

The first most obvious way to find out if you are carrying twins is to get an ultrasound confirmation from your healthcare professional. With this ultrasound they are able to take a peek in on what’s going on inside your womb and will be able to tell if you have multiple fetuses. There have been cases that some ultrasounds were not one hundred percent and there may be a hidden twin tucked in there.

Multiple heartbeats

Late in the first trimester heartbeats are able to be heard. With the use of harmless sound waves the sounds of the heartbeats of your unborn child/ren are able to be heard. An experienced professional or midwife will be able to detect more than one heartbeat in the womb.

At ten days after ovulation…

About ten days after conception a hormone known as HcG (human chorionic gonadotropin) will be able to be detected in blood and urine samples. A doctor can run tests and view the levels of this hormone if they please to. The HcG hormone may be elevated when carrying twins, however in some cases the HcG level of twins run about the same as single child births.

Alpha-protein test

During the second trimester of a pregnancy one will be asked to take an AFP (Alphafetoprotein). This test is given to detect certain birth defects but also can be a sign that you’re carrying multiples. The test will come back with an abnormal reading or a positive which will lead your healthcare professional to schedule ultrasounds and other tests.

Pregnancy measurements

When I was pregnant with my son I can remember having my stomach measured and told how far along I was. A twin pregnancy symptom is that one would measure farther along than possible. The measurement will be off because the uterus has had to grow in order to accommodate twins or more.

More fetal movements

A very common twin pregnancy symptom could be increased fetal movement. The movement could take place earlier and has been reported by mothers that this had happened to them in their multiple child pregnancy.

The only fair way to know whether or not you are indeed experiencing twin pregnancy symptoms is to keep up with your medical visits. The visits to your OBGYN are crucial to your health and the wellbeing of your unborn. Be sure to note any symptoms you may feel and speak freely with your provider to be sure to get the best care.

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