Types of Pregnancy Tests

Types of pregnancy tests

Tests to confirm pregnancy

You perhaps already know this if you are married or at childbearing age but there are two different types of tests that can determine whether you are pregnant. These are urine test and blood test. Urine tests can be performed at home using home pregnancy test kits and may be in the doctor’s office sometimes. Blood tests are not performed at home though. The doctor will test your blood and tell you whether you are pregnant. The second test i.e. the blood test is usually a confirmation test and is taken after the urine test. Here is more about each test. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Urine Test Dipstick

These are extremely common and in fact, the most common today. You can either take them at home or go to the doctor and take the test at the clinic. There are different ways in which you can carry this test out. Firstly, you may urinate in a cup and then dip the test stick into the urine to check the result.

Urine Test Midstream Applicator

Secondly, you may have to urinate directly on the stick. This test is more common of the two. Make sure you expose the stick to the midstream and not the initial drops of urine. Levels of hCG can be determined clearly from the midstream. A few urine tests are different from these two.

Urine Test Dropper

In the third type of urine test you will have to pee or urinate in a cup as in the first type and then use a dropper to transfer a few drops of urine onto the stick. These three are the normal and common ways of taking a urine test.

Urine Test Instructions

Once you take the test in any of the three ways, it is time to wait so that the results show up. Waiting time may differ from kit to kit. Usually it ranges from three minutes to ten minutes. Remember to check the instructions and wait for the exact period of time. Delaying renders the test invalid. Once the time passes, check the stick for a visible change. Different tests show different indications. There may be two lines to determine positive result or just one line to show negative result, there may be plus or minus, or a pink or a blue line. The digital versions are easier to use because they clearly show ‘pregnant’ in case the result is positive and ‘not pregnant’ in case the result is negative. You should wait for a week, advisably, after missing your period in order to be sure about the accuracy.

Blood test

Blood tests can only be taken at the clinic. These tests are taken to confirm the results shown by the urine test. If your urine test was negative but you feel pregnant, you can go to the doctor for a blood test just to be sure. These tests are more accurate and are almost never wrong. For a blood test, you don’t need to wait after missing your period. hCG levels show faster in the bloodstream than in the urine.

Blood test types

Blood tests are basically of two types, qualitative and quantitative. In the latter, the exact amount of hCG can be determined. In the prior, you will only know if you are pregnant or not. These can even be taken before urine tests if you are too impatient and want the right result but know that these are more expensive.

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