Types of Sperm Donors

Infertility is pretty common these days. There are numerous couples that are facing fertility problems today. You may not have problems until a certain age and a few couples may not have a problem at all. But all couples are not so lucky. Fertility problems are nothing new and if you are among those who are infertile, you shouldn’t lose hope. There are numerous different treatments for you to start a family. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here
If the reason behind your infertility is low sperm count, low sperm motility, or abnormal sperm, you could consider sperm donors. Sperm donors are a very satisfactory answer to all your infertility problems caused due to sperm problems.

Sperm Donor

To say it in simple words, a sperm donor is a man who is willing to donate his sperm to you. There are many facilities and clinic that encourage this. The donor may donate his sperm to earn some extra cash or simply because he wants to help people in some way or the other. When a person chooses to donate sperm, a number of tests are carried out to check whether he is healthy and whether his sperm are normal. His medical background is also taken into consideration to rule out any genetic problems. Thus, only the best candidates are selected for sperm donation.
There are actually a number of different types of sperm donors. Information about each has been provided as follows.

Anonymous Sperm Donors

Anonymous sperm donors are those who simply deposit their specimen and leave without claiming any responsibility of the future. If they wish to, though, their identity may be revealed. Fertility clinics recruit these donors through advertisements and articles on the news. These donors are paid for their donation.
When the donor agrees to donate, he will be sent to a private room to deposit the specimen with the help of a few aids so that he can ejaculate.

Choosing the Father

Sometimes, the women are allowed to choose who the biological father of the baby may be. When you go to the clinic to find a sperm donor or a sperm donation, the clinic will give you a list of all the sperm they have along with some information about each donor. The information includes color of the skin, color of the eyes, ethnic background, weight, height, and so on. You can choose based on your preferences.

Personal donors

These donors are known to the women. The woman will recruit the donor herself. The donor may be family member or a friend who just wants to help them conceive a child. It is up to the woman whom she chooses. She can choose anyone she wants based on her preferences.
When the woman chooses the donor, the two come to a mutual agreement about the donation so that there are no problems in the future.


If you are looking for a sperm donor, you can choose any of the different types mentioned above. You don’t need to worry about anything because no matter what choice you make, you will be assisted and guided by your doctor at the fertility clinic.
A sperm donor will come as a blessing for you, helping you get pregnant and parenting a baby!

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