Vitamin C and Fertility

Vitamin C and Fertility

Nutrition is important regardless if you are trying to conceive or not. The body needs specific things to keep the natural balance that it needs in order. There have been many scientific studies that show the importance of vitamins and their connection to fertility. Those who are concerned about their fertility are sure to have studied each and every possible realm of help. There are many self-help things that can be employed in your life that does not require conventional medical practices. Vitamin C and fertility has shown promising aspects for male and females alike. Most times we place such great need on doctors, and though they are great source for information there are natural fertility options. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Role as antioxidant

There are studies that say that vitamin C is an antioxidant. Vitamin C helps to protect the sperm and its DNA. This is required to produce healthy sperm. Those with infertility issues know that the sperm is an important key to fertilization. The antioxidant properties that vitamin C has even more beneficial additives for semen. It helps to make the semen less clumpy, and thus making it easier for the sperm to swim away, aiding sperm motility.

Lack of Vitamin C

With the lack of vitamin C the DNA of the sperm may become damaged. Damaged sperm fails to thrive and often times does not allow for conception. Such cases where the DNA is damaged and conception does occur there is evidence to support the claim that it was the cause for birth defects that may have occurred.

Vitamin C as chemical neutralizer

Vitamin C has been shown to neutralize certain chemicals that may happen to be in the semen. These chemicals range from environmental pollutants to smoking. Smoking is definitely a negative factor when trying to conceive a child. One should think about not smoking as it has no positive factors regardless of conception.

Foods with high levels of Vitamin C

There are certain foods that you can consume that will add extra vitamin C to your diet just by eating more foods that contain it.

Foods with high levels of vitamin C:
• red peppers
• orange
• broccoli
• kiwi
• papaya
• strawberries

Vitamin C as a fertility treatment

The amount of vitamin C has been raised since scientific studies first starting researching and determining the real benefits of the vitamin. Men, women and children are instructed to take a supplement of vitamin C. Men who do not smoke are instructed to take no less than 90 MGS, however, if you’re a smoker you should take no less than 120 MGS. Some studies show that during fertility treatments vitamin C was given in dosages from 1000 MG to 3000 MG.

Side effect of Vitamin C

A noticeable side effect of vitamin C and whether or not you have taken too much is a loose stool. One should increase the dosage until you notice this effect. The vitamin is water soluble so when the body does not need it any longer the body will automatically expel it. This is a natural effect.

Please remember that whatever you do in your day to day lifestyle does affect your fertility. Vitamin C and fertility go hand in hand because there are only great things that this vitamin can do for your body.

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