Vitex vs. Robitussin

Vitex vs. Robitussin

Many couples facing infertility eventually become frustrated with their treatments for numerous reasons. With the internet literally at our fingertips, it is hard to resist the temptation to “Google” for answers and solutions. After my first IUI procedure I remember lying on the exam table feeling helpless (and broke). I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to increase the chances of success or if there was anything I should avoid. His answer was a single word. “Pray”. Says the infertility doctor with triplets. Hmmm. Wonder how he got those. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Well, I was peeved at my doctor. So I turned to the World Wide Web. I got thousands of hits on pages upon pages of different things to try. Most of which were beyond desperate, borderline crazy and I knew that ship had sailed long ago for me. For instance, I recall one remedy was cough syrup. Yes, cough syrup. Like Robitussin. The logic being that it loosened not only the mucus in your nose but also your vaginal mucus, therefore helping the sperm swim better. Been there. Tried that. Got my t-shirt. It didn’t work.

What does Vitex do?

However I had never heard of Vitex. Also known as “Chasteberry” or “Monk’s Pepper,” it is an herbal remedy said to aid in women’s general reproductive health. It supposedly helps with PMS symptoms, heavy menstruation, menopause, and miscarriage prevention (due to low levels of the hormone progesterone). All in all, it sounds a lot more promising than cough syrup.

Benefits of Vitex

Vitex is slow acting and has to be taken a few months to allow it to get into your system before the benefits can be seen. Although there is “insufficient evidence” on its use of treatment for infertility, I know that any woman who knows the trials and tribulations of trying to conceive will try anything, and it sounds more promising than cough syrup and definitely cheaper than IVF. Its more natural than prescription fertility drugs, and can be purchased on the internet or probably at any local health food store. Besides, it is the matter of being able to take some sort of action, something more aggressive than prayer.

How to take Vitex

Vitex should not be taken for more than 18 continuous months and should be stopped once pregnancy is achieved. It can be taken in pill form, tea, or drops.

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