Vitex and PCOS

Vitex and PCOS

Polycystic Ovary syndrome is often known as PCOS which is an imbalance in hormones in the female body. This imbalance can cause issues not only with the menstrual cycle and the ability to conceive. This is a problem which can lead to diabetes and heart disease if not given the proper medical attention. There are several remedies that can positively affect PCOS such as Vitex. PCOS sufferers have shown significant improvement in their fertility when taking Vitex. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Symptoms of PCOS

PCOS is more common than most believe affecting as many as one in every fifteen women. There are several symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

• Acne
• Weight Gain
• Trouble losing weight
• Extra hair on the face and body
• Thinking hair on scalp
• Irregular periods
• Fertility issues
• Depression

What causes PCOS?

PCOS is caused by changing hormone levels. The change in these levels is often changing for numerous reasons. A medical professional will be able to diagnose each person as each case is different.

What is Vitex?

There are many different natural remedies that cost far less than the normal pharmaceuticals. Vitex is an option that has been around since the Ancient Greek era. Vitex Agnus Castus, also known as Chaste Berry is an herb that has been proven highly effective in treating infertility.

Vitex benefits

There are many benefits of Vitex and the list is rather extensive but the most effective are as follows:

• Vitex helps with infertility
• Vitex increases the ability to conceive
• Vitex enables hormonal balance which requires ovulation
• Vitex has no real side effects so it can be taken daily

What Vitex does

You should be aware that Vitex is not a hormone. The changes in progesterone are in direct affect from the usage of this remedy. Most women who are suffering from PCOS do not produce an egg each month and with the usage of Vitex, progesterone levels are increased allowing the body to produce a viable egg.

Vitex contraindications

Some disagree with the usage of Vitex during pregnancy due to the fact that it increases the breast milk flow following pregnancy. It is highly suggested that this not be consumed while enduring any other infertility treatment. A physician will be able to give you their opinion this matter that is what matters most.

Vitex cost

Vitex comes in many different sizes and prices. Depending on the size of the bottle which you are looking to purchase is a huge determinate how much you will be paying out of pocket. Please be sure to check with your physician to see if this is a safe option for your body. Vitex has proven to be a useful tool in infertility caused by PCOS.

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