What Fertility Drugs Can I Take to Get Pregnant

What Fertility Drugs Can I Take to Get Pregnant

For women who are struggling to get pregnant fertility drugs are something that can help them realize their dream of having a baby of their own. Typically, these drugs affect ovulation, but starting it or encouraging the body to release multiple eggs during the cycle. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When can I start them?

Some women may want to start fertility drugs sooner rather than later, but it is usually advised that you try to get pregnant naturally for a year before you begin taking fertility drugs. It is possible to have a doctor prescribe them if there are medical issues present, but usually you will need to wait a year before receiving a prescription.

You may feel that this is a long time to wait when you are trying to become pregnant, but statistics show that even if there are no problems, it sometimes takes couples this long to become pregnant. During the first month of trying to conceive only 25% of couples become pregnant. This number increases over time and 90% of couples become pregnant within a year and a half. If you do come to a point where you are ready to begin fertility drugs, your doctor will most likely prescribe one of the following.


Clomid is typically the first fertility drug that doctors prescribe for when suffering from infertility. It is considered the number one fertility drug and can help regulate the ovulation cycle and encourages the body to produce more than one egg at a time. There is an increased chance that you will become pregnant with twins because of this.


Not all women have issues with their ovulation cycle. Many actually have issues with the follicles that stimulate the release of the eggs. Follistim is intended to help with this issue, but can also help with the ovulation issues as well. This fertility drug is an injectable drug and makes the body think that it is FSH, which is responsible for stimulating the follicles. With this drug, women do require careful monitoring and may need to visit the doctor every few days so that they can be monitored for adverse side effects.


Some women have issues with the quality of eggs that are being produced. In these situations another type of fertility drug is necessary. Bravelle also works with the FSH in the body as well as with hCG. By working together, these two hormones are responsible, not only for the release of the eggs, but for the release of healthy eggs as well. This is also an injectable fertility drug and women who take it must be monitored closely by their doctor.


Novarel works by mimicking LH in the body. It is often injected after women finish a medication called menotropins which is used to stimulate ovulation. It also requires special monitoring by a doctor and works much like Clomid, but it is much more expensive.

Are there Side Effects?

Fertility drugs are notorious for the side effects that they have the potential of having. Many women have found that they are pregnant with multiple babies after having taken fertility drugs. Some other side effects may be nausea and vomiting, headaches and various other health responses to the drugs. Some have even found that their chances of developing cancer later in life. However, this is usually only the case with women who already have an increased chance of developing cancer.

Do they work?

Fertility drugs have a high success rate and most couples who begin taking them will become pregnant within eighteen months. It is important that you try to relax throughout the process of becoming pregnant because stress can be a reason that you are unable to conceive. Having issues with fertility can be extremely stressful, so this may be difficult to do.


Fertility drugs are extremely popular for couples who are trying to become pregnant. Although it is a good idea to wait a year before you talk to your doctor about fertility drugs, you should visit him sooner if you are over the age of 35. As we age,it becomes more difficult to become pregnant and you should see a doctor sooner if you are past this age. For more information regarding the different types of fertility drugs, be sure to compare your options with your doctor.

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