What is Amniocentesis?

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The sad part is that not many women even know about it. There are many who are completely unaware of this test and that makes the test even scarier. It is common knowledge that unawareness brings in more fear than required.

For those who don’t know, amniocentesis is nothing but a test. In this test the amniotic fluid is tested. Here is more information about the test so that all your confusion is clear and you realize how important this test actually is:

Why take the test?

The first question that you want answered is surely why you need to take the test in the first place. Also known as the amniotic fluid test, amniocentesis is a test that requires a sample of your amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds your unborn child in the womb.

The reason why this test is conducted is to check whether there are any chromosomal abnormalities to worry about. One such abnormality is Down syndrome. You may have definitely heard about it. Another condition, a little rare, is Trisomy. The test will help the doctor detect such abnormalities.

Sometimes, it may be used to check if the baby’s lungs are developed enough for an early delivery.

When is the test taken?

The doctor will recommend this test between the sixteenth week of pregnancy and the twenty-second week. You only have to worry about it if yours is a high-risk pregnancy or a pregnancy with high risk of a chromosomal problem.However, you can go for the test regardless of this risk.

The reason why doctors don’t recommend this test for everyone is that it is highly invasive. It also has side effects. The biggest side effect is miscarriage. Hence, it is advisable that you take the test only if the risks of a chromosomal problem are high for your baby.


If the doctor thinks that you need to take the test, he will first recommend that you meet a genetic counselor. This is very important because the counselor will tell you everything about the test. He will let you know about the benefits of the test and the risks. He will also help you understand why it is important for you. Thing is, you have to brace yourself for the test results. The results may be bad and you have to be prepared for it.

If you don’t want to take the test, you can opt out of it. However, many couples prefer taking the test so that they can prepare for the future in case it is bad news.

The results of amniocentesis

The results will take around a fortnight for this test. The doctor will call you and may be even arrange another meeting with the genetic counselor to let you know about the results.

If there is a problem with the baby, you can either opt for termination of the pregnancy or continuation of the pregnancy. This choice is completely up to you and your partner. Of course the doctor will help you by giving you a few resources so that you make an informed decision.

Other than that though, the choice is completely yours.

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