What is the Best Early Pregnancy Test?

What is the Best Early Pregnancy Test?

So Many Options

When it is time to take a pregnancy test, the options are a little bit overwhelming. There are tons of different pregnancy tests on the market today, ranging from super cheap and super basic to expensive and fancy. How do you know which pregnancy test is best and which one is right for you? Read on for more information. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Clearblue Advanced Digital

When it comes to pregnancy tests, there are a few that stand out among the crowd when it comes to accuracy, ease of use and early results. The Clearblue Advanced Digital test with weeks estimator has been one of the top sellers for the past few years, and for good reason. This test is designed to let women know if they are pregnant up to four days before their missed period. This is earlier than almost every other test on the market. To add to that, Clearblue Advanced Digital tests also offer the handy weeks estimator, that can help women figure out an estimate of how many weeks along they are before they even go to the doctor. The test is 99% accurate on the first day of your missed period, and can even be used with pretty good accuracy on the days leading up to your period as well.

First Response Gold Digital Test

Another test that is rated very high on the list for early pregnancy detection is the First Response Gold Digital Test. This test can detect the level of HCG in your body up to six days before a missed period. This particular pregnancy test can detect hCG levels as low as 6.5 mIU/ml. Most at-home pregnancy tests are designed to detect hCG levels around 20 to 25 mIU/ml. As you can imagine, the First Response Gold Digital pregnancy test is extremely sensitive. Since a woman with an hCG level of more than 5 mIU/ml is considered pregnant, this test can tell a woman is pregnant pretty soon after conception. However, depending on a woman’s body, she might not have enough hCG in her body to be detected at that early of a stage. Just because the test WILL work at this stage, doesn’t mean a woman’s body is ready. Approximately 50 percent of women who are pregnant will receive a positive result six days before their missed period, but the other women do not usually have high enough levels of hCG in the body.

What To Know

Although these two tests are probably the most popular and highest rated tests on the market today, there are still many other options out there. Some tests are able to work earlier than others, and some are more sensitive. There are really endless options when it comes to pregnancy tests. The most important thing is that you make sure to follow the instructions of the test very carefully so that you can make sure that you get accurate results. Not being sure to follow instructions can make the test results void and can really mess things up.

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