When to Have Sex to Get Pregnant

When to Have Sex to Get Pregnant

There will always be those lucky couples who never really have to try to conceive because for them it just happens. There are those individuals, like myself, who may need a little more information on when to have sex to get pregnant. When my husband and I were first trying to conceive our little boy we were stumped by all the available information that was out there. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Visit a healthcare professional

The first thing we did as a couple when we decided we wanted to get into the baby making process was make a visit with our primary care professionals. Sometimes it can be rather uncomfortable at the doctor visits because they tend to get a little personal. The idea is to sit down and make a checklist of things you want to ask so while you’re in the office, your nerves will not interfere with your thought process.

Track your ovulation date

When to have sex to get pregnant is really important especially if you have tracked your ovulation date. Knowing and being aware of your ovulation date is very important. This is when your body is most fertile and an egg will have been produced. One must pay attention to all the signals the female body is displaying.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Keep track of the first day of your menstrual period. Use a simple day planner to keep track – it is that simple. Ovulation is most likely to happen in the middle of your menstrual cycle.

changes in your cervical mucus

Watch for changes in your cervical mucus. Discharge around ovulation will be more abundant. The appearance is in resemblance to raw egg whites.

Track your basal body temperature

When tracking your basal body temperature be sure to use an instrument specifically made for basal temperature. The best reading will be given when you’re fully at rest. Ovulation will cause a slight increase in temperature.

Try an ovulation predictor kit

You can purchase an OPK at your local drug store. This test will be used to judge the hormones in your urine to find when you’re ovulating. Be sure to read all the instructions to get the most accurate reading.

Have intercourse on a regular basis

The big question is what you can do to maximize fertility so when you do engage in intercourse your chances of conceiving are much greater. More intercourse never hurt any healthy couple. So don’t feel like you have to have sex everyday but aim for at least two to three times a week.

Have intercourse around the time you ovulate

This is important because this is when your body is most fertile. This will be the best time for intercourse because an egg will be available.

Healthy lifestyle

Make healthy lifestyle choices. Be sure to get enough sleep during the night, maintain a healthy weight, workout lightly and eat a well-balanced diet. Be sure to get all your vitamins in. Folic acid is essential to an unborn child’s development. One can start taking prenatal vitamins.

Preconception planning

Consider preconception planning. As I mentioned before you will want to get a checkup with your doctor. The male and the female should visit and make sure that they are as healthy as possible before starting this journey.

With these helpful hints that are provided and your helpful discussion with your doctor when to have sex to get pregnant will be as clear as possible. Please remember to limit as much stress as possible. Stress is never a good thing and can prevent ovulation.

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