Why Jill Duggar Shared Her Pregnancy News so Early

Why Jill Duggar Shared Her Pregnancy News so Early

Why So Soon?

She caused a stir when she announced that she was expecting a baby with her husband Derick Dillard just 60 days after her wedding, but Jill Duggar is now opening up about why she chose to share her pregnancy news so early. “Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester,” Duggar, 23, told Page Six. “And believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could.” She also explained that it wasn’t exactly a surprise. “We knew that we weren’t going to prevent having children,” Duggar, a midwife-in-training said. “So when we found out we were expecting within our first month of marriage we were thrilled!” Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Adjusting To Marriage

Many people were shocked to learn that Jill Duggar was expecting so quickly after her wedding, but it was definitely a happy occasion. The couple, who followed strict courtship guidelines, were not allowed to hold hands, kiss, hug, or date alone during their courtship period. They even shared their first kiss at the altar on their wedding day. Jill took the time to explain a little bit about a courtship for those who were interested: “We prayed a lot, prepared and really didn’t see any reason to have a long courtship and engagement,” Duggar explained. “Once we knew we wanted to get married, we didn’t want to put off the wedding for a long time and provide a stumbling block for ourselves; We purposed to save ourselves physically for each other within marriage (even our first kiss for our wedding day!), so we had a short engagement period.” For those couples thinking about putting off their wedding: “You may not wanna push the wedding date out too far, as those natural God-given desires with too much time between engagement and marriage can make it harder to remain pure,” Duggar explained. “If you are financially ready, and things are in place (which should be at the time the question is popped), we believe an engagement should only be long enough to plan a wedding!”

Not An Easy Time

Jill also revealed that her pregnancy was not without bumps in the road. “I’ve been having a lot of morning sickness,” the TLC star said. “They should call it ‘pregnancy sickness because it’s all day.”Jill is very lucky, though, since it sounds like Derick is taking good care of her during her pregnancy. “He is so good!” Duggar gushed about Dillard. “He makes sure he gives me snacks before I get out of bed — protein snacks or saltines just so I’ll have something in my tummy before I start moving around. Grabbing me water…so sweet! Married life is the best!” Despite not feeling the best, Jill has been busy already during her pregnancy. She still has six months before her little bundle arrives, but she and hubby Derick have already been having fun creating multiple baby registries. So far, the two have requested a three-piece crib bedding set with a vintage floral print, pacifiers and bibs emblazoned with Arkansas Razorbacks logos, and a portable video surveillance system. Congrats to this adorable couple on their happy news.

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