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Jamelia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Austin , Texas

Review left on Nov 21, 2019

Prayers and this pill works

I prayed and prayed then begin to take these pill a few weeks later I hade a missed period to find out I was pregnant a few months later they told me I was pregnant with identical twins girls now I have a set of healthy indentical twins girls pray an this pills work...

Antranette Verified TTC Kit Customer

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Review left on Nov 08, 2019


I just purchased my ttc kit today im so excited to receive it and to get started on it me and my husband has been trying and trying to have another baby and hasn't anything worked out this is my first time actually taking fertility medicine to help my cycles are irregular it starts when it wants to start i have 2 beautiful kids now and wanting another to add too my family hope this helps me to conceive i will keep everyone updated on our journey...

Danielle Verified TTC Kit Customer

Marrero, Louisiana

Review left on Nov 03, 2019


This kit is perfect if you just need a boost in getting pregnant without having any medically diagnosed (infertility) challenges. Having been an executive professional, I was just too busy to stay on top of tracking my ovulation, and didn’t really prioritize disciplining myself in making my body prepared for pregnancy. I didn’t really know when all of my fertile windows were taking place. This product took the worry off my back, allowing me to conceive as I wanted to. Because of using this kit, I now have a happy, healthy baby boy and I know it’s all the work of the products in this kit. Thank you So much to the folks at TTC, for helping me live out my dream of motherhood!

Bre Verified TTC Kit Customer

Toledo, Ohio

Review left on Oct 31, 2019


Ive only been taking them for 2 weeks and before I hit the 2 week mark I started my period yayyy I haven’t had a period in 10 months due to the depo I’m gonna test for ovulation soon and hoping I get pregnant soon.

Ashley Verified TTC Kit Customer

san antonio, Florida

Review left on Oct 24, 2019

Miracle in a bottle!

I started taking month one in August. Got my first positive Ovulation test in years the next month, Didn't conceive then though. Then the next month we did conceive! We are currently 4 weeks and 1 day! I have unexplained infertility problems with ovulation being the main problem. I am super impressed!

Ivette Verified TTC Kit Customer

Chicago, Illinois

Review left on Oct 24, 2019


This was amazing i always thought i couldn't have kids And i took this in 2016 and my baby girl is now 2 and a half no complications no side effects no nothing This was the best help ever i recommend to all My friends trying to get pregnant

Bre Verified TTC Kit Customer

Toledo, Ohio

Review left on Oct 15, 2019


Ordered my kit Saturday with all the good reviews can’t wait to try it me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for about a year with no luck so hopefully this gives us our baby

Reyna Verified TTC Kit Customer

Paramus, New Jersey

Review left on Oct 10, 2019


at 43 after trying for 2 years and 2 cycles of IUI last year Im PREGNANT!! Without any fertility drugs, IUI, IVF or anything else. I really feel like this supplement was the key! Thank you for making my dream come true!!!! Pray for a sticky bean. Baby dust to all! xoxo

Mu Verified TTC Kit Customer

Dallas, Texas

Review left on Oct 04, 2019


Well I'm not finished with my first bottle but I can feel dat it's helping .

Elizabeth Verified TTC Kit Customer

Holliday, Missouri

Review left on Oct 03, 2019

Worked for me!

Helped me get pregnant and actually ended up with identical twins! They turn 1 this month!