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Lydia Pruitt Verified TTC Kit Customer

Garner, Arkansas

Review left on Nov 22, 2019


My husband & I have been TTC for a little less than a year now, we were finally starting to think that I just couldn’t get pregnant. I was scrolling through Facebook one day & an add for this kit popped up on my timeline- for only $10...... why not? My kit arrived within 5 days & I started taking them immediately. 28 days later, I had FIVE BFP TESTS!!! Currently 6 wks today!

bailee b Verified TTC Kit Customer

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Review left on Nov 22, 2019

2 days in

This is only my second day taking the pill as instructed and I have to say it's definitely already working! My cycle was totally out of wack for 2 years. Cycles are anywhere from 20 to 50 days!!! Yesterday was cycle day 30 for me and the Flo app was saying I wasn't getting my period for another 15-20 days. Okay so today loo behold my cycle is here,15/20 days earlier than expected. I can't be more thankful!

Jamelia Verified TTC Kit Customer

Austin , Texas

Review left on Nov 21, 2019

Prayers and this pill works

I prayed and prayed then begin to take these pill a few weeks later I hade a missed period to find out I was pregnant a few months later they told me I was pregnant with identical twins girls now I have a set of healthy indentical twins girls pray an this pills work...

jus teklisha Verified TTC Kit Customer

Chico, California

Review left on Nov 20, 2019


I bought this bottle this month and started taking. It is not difficult to take. We are plannin nother baby ( i have 2 kids), i am 40 and hope that this vitamin will help get me pregnant. we will see the results.

ninn Verified TTC Kit Customer

Gainesville, Florida

Review left on Nov 13, 2019


After TTC for 7 months, I took these for 2 weeks and now Im pregnant

Mama Verified TTC Kit Customer

Acworth, Georgia

Review left on Nov 12, 2019

Recommend it

I recommend this product I purchased bcuz my circle was messed up. I wanted to have a normal circle. My first time using, I used for 3weeks when My periods started I stopped. Good news is that I am pregnant! Am 9weeks along with my 2nd baby. You have to try to take them even though they have horrible smell and not easy to swallow.

Antranette Verified TTC Kit Customer

Dyersburg, Tennessee

Review left on Nov 08, 2019


I just purchased my ttc kit today im so excited to receive it and to get started on it me and my husband has been trying and trying to have another baby and hasn't anything worked out this is my first time actually taking fertility medicine to help my cycles are irregular it starts when it wants to start i have 2 beautiful kids now and wanting another to add too my family hope this helps me to conceive i will keep everyone updated on our journey...

Jay Verified TTC Kit Customer

San Antonio, Texas

Review left on Nov 08, 2019

Good for my wife

My wife is taking this product and it has helped with several things but most importantly she feels healthier.

Terri Crocker Verified TTC Kit Customer

Lima, Ohio

Review left on Nov 06, 2019

Worked for us!

Bought these just before getting put on fertility meds from my ob. Started taking them and two weeks later I WAS POSITIVE!!

Danielle Verified TTC Kit Customer

Marrero, Louisiana

Review left on Nov 03, 2019

Thank you

This kit is perfect if you just need a boost in getting pregnant without having any medically diagnosed (infertility) challenges. Having been an executive professional, I was just too busy to stay on top of tracking my ovulation, and didn’t really prioritize disciplining myself in making my body prepared for pregnancy. I didn’t really know when all of my fertile windows were taking place. This product took the worry off my back, allowing me to conceive as I wanted to. Because of using this kit, I now have a happy, healthy baby boy and I know it’s all the work of the products in this kit. Thank you So much to the folks at TTC, for helping me live out my dream of motherhood!